Protected disclosure

If you have a complaint to make about improper conduct by a public official or a Victorian authority, including local councils, you are protected by law. 

There is a law, the Protected Disclosure Act (2012), which protects anyone making a complaint (or disclosure) from potential reprisals because they have made an allegation. This law ensures their identity and the nature of their disclosure remains confidential.  

Anyone can make an allegation about improper conduct by public officers and public bodies. However, it cannot be made by a company, organisation or group of people. 

Council is committed to upholding the Act. It does not tolerate improper conduct by its employees, officers or members. Council will not tolerate anyone who has come forward with a disclosure suffering reprisals from Council staff, officers or members. 

Council encourages you to come forward if you have a report or allegation to make about:

  • corrupt conduct
  • conduct involving significant mismanagement of public resources
  • conduct involving a substantial risk to public health
  • conduct involving substantial risk to environment 

Council will take all reasonable steps to protect people who make such reports from suffering any reprisals for doing so.

Council will also treat the person accused of any wrongdoing fairly. 

To make a report, please contact the Protected Disclosure Coordinator, Governance Manager, 5481 2232. 

Find out how the disclosure process will be handled by Council:

Protected disclosure procedure(PDF, 2MB)

Protected disclosure flowchart(PDF, 35KB)