Community Vision and four year Council Plan adopted

Published on 22 October 2021


Campaspe Shire Council has adopted a long term strategic plan, Campaspe Tomorrow, incorporating the Community Vision and Aspirations.

Mayor, Cr Chrissy Weller said this document has been developed from nearly 4,000 comments and opinions collected through the community engagement program, completed earlier this year, from February to June. Also adopted at the meeting, the Council Plan, a plan setting the strategic direction for the next four years.

“While the Community Vision and Aspirations are stand alone, we have also incorporated them into the front of the Council Plan, setting the scene for beyond the next 10 years, with the Council Plan focus on the next four years,” Cr Weller said.

The six Community Aspirations are:

  • A place where we belong
  • Activity for all
  • An environment for all, now and always
  • Towns and land that we love
  • Opportunity for all
  • Engaged and participative people

“The Council Plan sets out the commitment to the community, and outlines what will be delivered, how it will be delivered, and how progress will be measured,” Cr Weller said.

The priority strategic areas in the Council Plan are:

  • Flourishing and diverse local economies
  • Resilient protected and healthy natural environment
  • Well planned places
  • Growing quality of life

“We have combined the aspirations of the community from the engagement program, and the foundations created by Council, to form the four key priority strategic areas in this plan.”

“We have included Year One Actions in the Council Plan and this is where the community can see what we are focusing on completing this year,” the Mayor added.

“Some examples being to progress development of the Echuca Aquatic Reserve, extend free Wi-Fi at Council controlled sites, review the Events Strategy, and conduct Place Based Planning with two communities.”

“The plan and the identified actions acknowledge that we are unable to achieve everything in isolation, we must work in partnership with other organisations, advocate or lobby on behalf of the community, and lead others.”

Both documents are now available on Council’s website