Corellas causing damage

Published on 19 February 2021


A noise device will be used in Echuca’s Port Precinct to scare away, and move on, corellas that are continuing to damage buildings and furniture.

Campaspe Shire General Manager Community, Mr Keith Oberin said the same approach successfully moved the birds away from the area in March/April 2019.

“Unfortunately, the corellas have returned to the precinct, in large numbers, and are destroying buildings, furniture and the historic paddlesteamer fleet,” Mr Oberin said.

The device will be used daily, starting Monday, 1 March, between 7 to 7.20am in the morning, and again from 7.40 – 8pm in the evenings at random intervals until the situation improves.

The birds are a mix of Long-billed Corellas, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Galahs which are commonly referred to as ‘cockatoos’.

Council staff have obtained the necessary authorisation to carry out the works and are in the process of notifying residents and businesses in the area.

“We anticipate this will stop the damage to community infrastructure as well as to many private buildings.”