Council meeting pieces - 23 June, 2020

Published on 26 June 2020


Council meeting pieces – 23 June meeting

Council meeting dates changes

Council has approved changing the September and October meeting dates as a result of the Minister for Local Government’s extension of budget timelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic and confirmation of the October 2020 general election.

An additional meeting has been approved for 29 September to ensure the financial statements are adopted by Council and can be included in the Annual Report.

The scheduled Council meeting for 20 October will be brought forward to 13 October with the General Election confirmed for 24 October.

Rochester Play Space

Council has adopted a concept plan to redevelop the Rochester Rotary Park, including a new play space.

In developing the concept plan, contributions from community representatives focused on an open space design, with the intent of encouraging natural play.

Council will now work with the community to progress the detailed design for the park within the allocated budget. Council will also seek approval from Murray Darling Basin Authority to reallocate $310,000 in funding from the Rochester walking cycling track to the construction of the play space. These funds will add to the $50,000 already provided by the Authority.

When this additional play space is operational, a review will be undertaken of the remaining playgrounds and open spaces across Rochester to consolidate and decommission equipment if required, for consistency with endorsed service levels.

Echuca South Recreation Reserve – Behind goal netting

Council has approved a request by the Echuca United Football Club and AFL Victoria to install behind goal netting at the Echuca South Recreation Reserve.

In approving the behind netting goals, Council noted the request is not approved infrastructure as provided by Council across recreation reserves.

But approval was granted noting the Echuca United Football Club:

  • Is the owner of the nets and associated infrastructure
  • Will be responsible for their operation and maintenance
  • Will be responsible for their removal costs, once the nets are worn out
  • Acknowledges that Council has the right to remove the nets at any time.

Kyabram Northern Oval – Spectator shelters

Council has approved a request from the Northern Oval Committee of Management to install spectator shelters at the Northern Oval Recreation Reserve for community use.

The committee recently secured external funding for the construction of two 10 x 4 metre shelters, to provide a covered spectator area closer to the oval, due to the pavilion’s distance and lack of available shelter. In approving construction of the shelters, Council noted it was an increase in the infrastructure provided by Council at a local level recreation reserve and the Committee would be responsible for their purchase, installation.

Council will require the project to comply with all statutory and Council requirements, to be completed by a suitably qualified contractor and will be supported through Council’s Project Management team to ensure the works are compliant.

Road Naming – 12 – 24 Lockington Road, Lockington

Council has approved the renaming and numbering of 12-24 Lockington Road, Lockington to resolve duplication of street numbers.

The Lockington Community Care Facility (north of Singer Road, Lockington) has the address 12-24 Lockington Road. A number of units within the complex duplicate other addresses in Lockington Road, south of Singer Road.

This area will now form a private road, renamed Waterwheel Court. The existing number of each unit will stay the same.

In making the change, one duplication at 26 Lockington Road (the CFA Shed) will remain and Vicmap has approved this location to be renumbered using the Rural Road Numbering procedures.


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