New Councillor code of conduct

Published on 19 February 2021


Campaspe councillors have pledged their commitment to good governance and working productively together for the benefit of the entire community, with the adoption of a new Councillor Code of Conduct, as required under the Local Government Act 2020.

Mayor Cr Chrissy Weller said the Code of Conduct sets out the prescribed standards of behaviour expected by councillors in the performance of their duties and functions.

“A Code of Conduct aims to ensure that we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity when undertaking our role, and that we treat all people with respect, dignity and fairness,” Cr Weller said.

“Councillors oversee the policies and financial decisions of a multi-million-dollar organisation, a Code of Conduct underlines the importance of our position by setting the expected standards of behaviour and providing an accountability framework for good governance and decision-making.”

“The code aims to ensure that we always act in a legal and ethical manner when conducting Council business, and that we govern in the best interests of the Campaspe community as a whole.”

“It also endeavours to foster good working relations to enable councillors to work constructively in the pursuit of Council’s vision and mission.”

In adopting the Code of Conduct, each councillor agrees to:

  • Act in accordance with the principles of good governance, respectful conduct and the associated obligations set out in the Code, and in legislation
  • Provide civic leadership and contribute effectively to the interests and advancement of Council and its community
  • Contribute to the strategic vision for Council and the community
  • Uphold the public trust, in the office of Councillor, by refraining from any action or behaviour that would bring Council into disrepute
  • Act in accordance with all obligations to the best of my skill and judgement.

The new Code of Conduct is available on Council’s website.