drumMUSTER Collection Day at Colbinabbin

Published on 12 August 2022

drummuster drums.jpg

Farmers and chemical users are invited to dispose of empty chemical drums at a drumMUSTER Collection Day at the Colbinabbin Transfer Station on Tuesday, 6 September between 9am – 12noon.

Deputy Mayor Colleen Gates said Council and drumMUSTER were working together to provide an easy, environmentally friendly opportunity for farmers to dispose of potentially hazardous chemical drums.

“We want to ensure that these drums are discarded correctly to avoid contaminating our waterways, bushland and farmland. We don’t want to see any hazardous waste ending up in landfill, either.

“Council has been part of the annual drumMUSTER program since 2002 and has collected almost 35,000 drums from the Colbinabbin drumMUSTER Collection Day alone. Over the last couple of years, the program was postponed due to COVID, but we are pleased to start up the Collection Day again in 2022.”

Drums eligible for disposal include all drums branded with the drumMUSTER logo that have held agricultural chemicals, dairy chemicals, detergents, liquid fertilisers and other non-hazardous farm chemicals.

All drums for disposal must:

  • be plastic or metal
  • be one litre to 205 litres in size
  • be at least triple rinsed until free of any visible chemical residue
  • be clean and dry
  • be punctured if metal
  • have all lids removed

All drums will be inspected on the day by a drumMUSTER inspector and containers that have not been properly cleaned and emptied will not be accepted.

Permanent drumMUSTER collection programs for empty and triple rinsed chemical drums of up to 20 litres are available at the Echuca, Mt Scobie, and Rochester Resource Recovery Centres. A total of 142,105 drums have been collected across the shire since the program began.

For more information, visit the drumMUSTER website.