Community engagement - Towns and pools


In April 2022, Council endorsed the community engagement process, starting with a review of swimming pools, and moving to Place Based Plans and Township Facility Plans.

Watch this video which outlines how the process will take place.


The elements

Each community will work closely with Council to determine the best outcome for their town. 

Community Panel

The panel will be made up of 30 to 50 residents who have been randomly selected by external consultants. Their first task will be to review all the data and documents regarding the pools as well as data from a shire-wide telephone survey. The panel will also hear from the pool user groups.

Once all the information has been reviewed, the panel will give its initial position on the future of pools.

The panel will then review the Place Based Plans and Township Facility Plans once they are completed. The panel will decide whether to adopt these plans.

At the last step, the panel will make a final recommendation to Council on the future of pools, which the Council will then consider.

Place Based Plans

Place Based Plans showcase the town's aspirations which help guide future planning. The plans are developed by the Place Base Plan Committee, a committee made up of local residents. Residents can nominate to the committee which need to be made up of people from different backgrounds, aligned to different community groups, with different skills and experience.

Townships with swimming pools have been prioritised to develop Place Based Plans by April 2023. 

Township Facility Plans

These plans are driving by the local Township Facility Plan Committee. Residents can nominate to the committee which need to be made up of local people with experience in business, finance, construction, tourism, law, planning, real estate, recreation or social wellbeing. 

The committee will assess all community assets and consider which assets are going well, which need improvement and which no longer are required. This creates the Township Facility Plan.

If the plan recommends to decommission, close or sell a Council-owned asset, and Council decides 

Background information

Flowchart - overview of process(PDF, 1MB)

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