Governance Rules community consultation

Council officers have completed a review of the Governance Rules (including the Election Period Policy) and have provided a draft containing several amendments to the current document to Council. On 21 February 2023, Council resolved to release draft Governance Rules for community consultation. If you would like to provide your feedback on our draft Governance Rules please do so by filling out the submission form by 4pm on Monday, 3 April 2023.

Details of the proposed amendments

Section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020 (Act) provides that a Council must develop, adopt and keep in force Governance Rules (the Rules).  The Rules govern decision making and meeting procedures of Council and Delegated Committees. Section 69 of the Act also requires an Election Period Policy be included in its Governance Rules. The Election Period Policy sets the conduct, functions and responsibilities that will apply to Council during the election period. 

Council resolved on 17 August 2022 to review the Rules (which include the Election Period Policy). A more comprehensive review of the Rules has therefore been completed and a draft approved to go out to community engagement process. The current Rules and a marked-up version showing tracked changes are also attached for clarity. 

The Rules have been amended to:

  • Ensure that they comply with the Local Government Act 2020;
  • Be presented in a clear and succinct manner so they are easily read and understood by the public;
  • Improve the flow of Council Meetings;
  • Reflect the way Council is practically run and address the needs of Council for Council Meetings based on current Council Meeting procedures; and 
  • Improve formatting, align with Council’s style guide and remove gender references.  

An overview of the amendments to the Rules is provided in the attached comparison table.


Comparison table(PDF, 178KB)
Revised Governance Rules Clean(PDF, 1MB)
Current Governance Rules(PDF, 1MB)
Revised Governance Rules Tracked(PDF, 1MB)
Revised Election Period Policy (Appendix 1) Clean(PDF, 273KB)
Current Election Period Policy(PDF, 315KB)
Revised Election Period Policy (Appendix 1) Tracked(PDF, 299KB)
Draft Appendix 2 Procedural Motion Table(PDF, 357KB)
Draft Appendix 3 Flow Chart of Motions(PDF, 192KB)
Current Appendix 2 and 3(PDF, 716KB)

Submit your feedback

Please provide your feedback on the draft Governance Rules by filling out the online form below or by emailing [email protected] before 4pm on Monday, 3 April 2023.

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If you have any issues with completing or submitting this form, please contact Council on 1300 666 535 and ask to speak with the Governance team.