Tongala Place Based Plan

In 2018 Council began assisting communities develop Place Based Planning for townships across the municipality. Tongala will be the fourth township to develop a whole of town Place Based Plan.

What is Place Based Planning?

Place Based Planning is an approach to guiding community development and planning. It’s a way to shape the future by concentrating on the look and feel of places, their form, their character, instead of conventional land use. 

A Place Based Plan is developed through a process of making places better. It involves looking at, listening to, and engaging with community members who live, work and play in a particular place (from a street to an entire town) to understand their needs and aspirations. 

Working in partnership, it involves Council and the community identifying physical and social assets that are unique to a locality and capitalising on these to create distinctive places that are sustainable.  

Governance Committee

Expressions of interest are now open for community members to join the Governance Committee.

To ensure the committee is representative of the community's ambition, Council is assisting in the establishment of a Place Based Planning Governance Committee that will engage with a broad range of community members to support them develop their plan.

Committee overview

Given our successful experiences in the development of PBP and Council’s wish for communities to specifically consider the range, use and condition of council owned assets within their communities, we are looking to help establish a committee with a diverse cross representation of the Tongala community.

This group will be tasked with ensuring that the plan is a reflection of the Tongala community’s ambition(s) for their town.

Purpose of committee

The Governance Committee will focus on the following tasks:

Select a suitable consultant to assist them in their work

  • Support the development of the Request for Quote to engage a suitability qualified consultant to help support and develop the Tongala PBP
  • Review quotes and make recommendation to Council on preferred suppliers
  • Maintain commercial in confidence requirements throughout the quotation process

Monitor the development of the plan

  • Track progress of the plan against timelines developed by the consultant
  • Ensure community feedback is being represented in drafted and final documentation

Support the engagement of Tongala community

  • Members of the group will act as champions for the plan, supporting communication through its local networks
  • Members will also encourage community members to participate
  • Members will provide feedback to Council on the level of community satisfaction in relation to the process

Authorise the plan once completed

Members of the Committee will be required to endorse the plan on behalf of the community prior to its submission to Council

Objective of the committee

The objectives of the committee are to: 

  • Ensure effective communication between the consultant and the community
  • Monitor the plan against community expectation
  • Provide leadership and constructive analysis in the development of the plan


The committee has no financial delegation in relation to the Tongala Place Based Plan or any actions relating to the plan.

Membership of the committee

The committee will be made up of:


  • Up to nine representatives of the Tongala community
  • A broad range of representative focusing on all facets of rural / regional lifestyle

Community members will be selected through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

The Chairperson will be a community member, elected by the committee. 


  • Manager Community Development (Secretary, or delegate)
  • Community Development Coordinator
  • Community Development Officer

Once the Tongala Place Based Plan is endorsed by this committee and tabled to Council, this committee will determine any future role in the implementation of the plan.

Meetings of the committee

Meetings will be held as needed, at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with Council staff and the consultant.

Meetings will be set on a day agreed upon by Committee Members.


Minutes of meetings will be shared with all members.

Recommendations and reports shall be provided to all members.


Agenda items for the next meeting will be confirmed at the end of each meeting.

Additional items for an agenda must be forwarded to the Chair and Secretary. 

The Secretary will be responsible for circulation of the minutes and agendas (one week prior to the meeting where possible).


  • A minimum of five community members, and
  • A minimum of one Council representative.

How to apply to the committee

Expressions of Interest to the committee are now open.

Apply here


Further information:

Please contact Sam Campi, Manager Community Development, 5481 2200.