Campaspe: Thriving Together

Kyabram Allan Street

You can shape the future of Campaspe

Your feedback will guide Council’s future actions

Council is starting an extensive community consultation program, where you can provide your feedback about what you think Council needs to focus on and prioritise.

This is how it will happen

Step 1
Get involved - Validate 2015 priorities and identify gaps and emerging priorities.

Step 2 
Let’s talk - Understand community sentiment and refine community priorities.
January - March

Step 3 
Think it through - Review information and make recommendations.

Step 4 
Check in - A final check with the community to ensure draft reflects community sentiment.

Step 5 
Close the loop - Inform final decisions made and plans for the future.

Council has committed to

  • Listen to you
  • Document and record what you say
  • Report back on what we have heard
  • Encourage participation
  • Be transparent
  • Work with you to deliver results

You can influence

  • Priorities regarding services, programs and infrastructure
  • How to address community priorities
  • When it has to happen

You can't influence

  • Legislative and legal requirements
  • Projects already funded
  • Decisions associated with Council’s administration (eg. staff employment or remuneration)

Here’s the details

“The answer is in community” – anon

In 2015, Council in conjunction with its communities set a vision for the future; ‘We want to be strong, supportive, vibrant and sustainable.

Now five years later it’s time to ask the community again what it aspires to and what are the issues that Council must address with and for its communities.

Over the next three months, Council will seek feedback from the residents and visitors of Campaspe to determine if the issues identified back in 2015 are still relevant and together what can we do to address them. 

The feedback provided will enable Council to set clear strategic directions and support the alignment of services and assets to best meet the ongoing needs of our communities.

The result of all the hard work will be four key documents that will guide all future Council plans and actions:

  • Community Vision
  • Four-year Council Plan
  • Long-Term Financial Plan
  • Long-Term Asset Plan

Getting involved

Throughout the project, there will be many ways for the community to provide feedback, including:

  • Workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Targetted inverviews
  • Online surveys
  • Pop up sessions at community events
  • Community tours

Register your interest by contacting Council’s Community Engagement Team on (03) 5481 2200.