Kyabram Place Based Plan

Kyabram place plan

The Kyabram Place Based Plan was driven by the community and will help guide decision making by the Kyabram Development Committee and other key stakeholders.

Vision - Kyabram is a welcoming, inclusive and progressive community that embraces modern regional living.

To help achieve this vision, four key focus areas have been developed, with at least one objective identified to support the key focus:

  • Health, welfare and social wellbeing
  • Industry, education and training
  • Natural and built environment
  • Retail and tourism

Download the draft Kyabram Place Based Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Potential projects have been identified, categorised into:

  • Quick wins (to complete within 3-12 months)
  • Medium term wins (to complete within 1-4 years)
  • Long term wins (to complete within 4-10 years).

Through the leadership of the Kyabram Development Committee, feedback was received through various engagement processes including an online social pinpoint tool, online survey, post cards, stakeholder interviews and consultation sessions, as well as written submissions.

This document has been created by the community, for the community, and sets out the aspirations for Kyabram as a town and as a community for the next 10 years.


The draft Kyabram Place Based Plan is open for comment, with comments closing Friday, 25 June. A quick feedback form is available to assist you.

Online feedback form

More information

Contact Sam Campi, Manager Community Development, 5481 2200