Aged & disability services update

In October 2019 Council made a decision to withdraw from delivering aged and disability services. Intereach Limited has now been approved as the new provider with the date for ceasing services confirmed as 30 June 2020. Council will ensure that the interests of clients, families and carers, staff and the community are foremost throughout our process of ceasing service delivery.

An outline of the process completed is as follows:

May 2019: In principle decision made

In May 2019 Council made an in-principle decision to withdraw from delivery aged and disability services.

This decision was based on a number of reforms in the sector, being:

  • a need for the government to find the most efficient and effective model of service to meet the very dramatic increase in demand for aged care and disability services;
  • a commitment by the government to introduce a standard national approach to the delivery of aged care and disability services;
  • a shift to a model where the consumer controls their own care, including who will deliver it, when and where.

Council then started an expression of interest process to identify suitably qualified and skilled service providers. In making the decision, Council set four guiding principles for any provider, being:

  • Ensuring equity of access to services based on need and regardless of geographic location
  • Providers demonstrating a strong safety system to protect both staff and clients
  • Providers holding a similar ethos or values as council, eg. a commitment to the health and wellbeing of our community and a commitment to reinvesting back into the community
  • Providers demonstrating a commitment to quality care with proven results through Commonwealth Aged Care quality processes.

October 2019: Preferred supplier identified

In October 2019 Council confirmed it would withdraw from the service, with a preferred provider identified, that met the four guiding principles.

A recommendation was made to the Commonwealth Government of the preferred candidate. The Commonwealth Government then undertook their own review and assessment.

May 2020: Commonwealth approval received

In May 2020, the Commonwealth Government advised Council of its approval of Intereach Limited to be the provider for aged and disability services across the shire.

30 June 2020: Services to cease

Council will cease delivering all funded and brokerage aged and disability services on 30 June 2020.


Please watch this video for a message from our CEO, Declan Moore as well as the new provider CEO, Keryn Fox.