Lockington Recreation Reserve

  • Project typeOpen space and recreation
  • Project value$750,000
  • Project scheduleProcurement
  • Completion Date30 June 2023
Locky rec reserve.JPG

The multipurpose courts at Lockington Recreation Reserve are used for local netball and basketball. The courts do not meet the minimum specifications as required by Netball Victoria and Netball Australia and are therefore not compliant. 

Upgrades to the court include: 

  • Expand footprint of the courts in accordance with requirements
  • Surface courts with appropriate material (e.g. plexipave)
  • Construct player shelters and officials shelters to service each of the courts
  • Line marking for netball, basketball and tennis
  • Relocate existing infrastructure to accommodate expansion 

Works are expected to start before the end of October 2022. Construction is expected be completed by the end of February 2023, with minor works to be undertaken undertaken and project finalised in March 2023.


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