Rochester Aquatic Services

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Rochester residents are invited to contribute their ideas about the future of the Rochester Pool. Council is launching a community engagement campaign to identify the community’s needs, as well as the service level and location of the Rochester Pool

The Rochester Pool was facing multiple issues prior to the 2022 floods, but these have been exacerbated since then with further issues arising within the pool shell, building, and operational infrastructure. The pool has reached end of life and no longer meets industry or community standards.

Community engagement

Council invites the community to contribute ideas into the future requirements of Rochester aquatic services. 

You can do this by:

  • Completing an online survey here and choose your top three features here. Survey closes Saturday, 30 September.
    Council staff will also be at the Rochester Recreation Reserve on Saturday, 26 August from 1-3pm to hand out survey information.
    The Customer Service Team can also provide a printed copy, or assist with completing the survey online at the Rochester Service Centre.

  • Sending in a public submission in writing to [email protected]

  • Attending community drop-in sessions which are scheduled for:
  1. Drop-in session 1 – Wednesday, 6 September from 4pm – 6pm, outside at the IGA supermarket
  2. Drop-in session 2 – Thursday, 7 September from 10am -12pm at Rotunda Park, near the Rochester Bakery

Key stakeholder groups will be interviewed as part of the planning process in coming months.

We look forward to your participation in this project.