Council has endorsed a draft Meeting Procedure Local Law, now open for public comment.

The local law regulates meeting procedures, outlines the process for election of Mayor and Mayor-elect and use of the common seal.

The draft Local Law is available below, together with Community Impact Statement.

Some of the key changes include:

  • Requiring questions for Question Time to be submitted by 12noon on the day of the meeting
  • A provision for councillors to acknowledge significant community members or events
  • Clarifying the role of the Chair, to enable the Chair to participate in the debate
  • A clause stating it is the responsibility of councillors to exhibit good conduct in Council meetings
  • A clause allowing the Chief Executive Officer to address the meeting if there is criticism of Council staff at the meeting or in the media
  • Clarifying the process for election of Mayor and Mayor-elect
  • Included a ‘casting vote’ clause that if the Chair exercises their casting vote to provide an explanation as to why they voted in a particular way
  • Requiring a councillor state if they intend to abstain from voting and why, prior to the vote occurring


Submissions close - Monday, 4 November at 5pm.

If you want to speak to your submission, you must say so. Public submissions will be heard by council on Tuesday, 19 November at the Echuca Civic Centre. Submissions can be made:

> In writing - PO Box 35, Echuca 3564

> Email -

> Hard copy form - available through this link.

Further information:

Frank Crawley, Governance Manager, 5481 2200

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