Vote for your preferred option for Max’s Maze

Rushworth residents are encouraged to vote on their preferred option for redevelopment of the car parking area in High Street south, known as Max’s Maze.

The redevelopment of High Street was discussed with the community early last year. The infrastructure in the street, including road surface, gutters, parking areas, footpath and drainage systems, is in poor condition and is in need of replacement.

Instead of looking at each project separately, council has combined all needs into one project.

The community has raised a number of concerns with the proposed redesign of Max’s Maze, around traffic flow, entry and exit points, with a petition recently presented to council.

Addressing community concern as well as meeting modern road design requirements, three options have been prepared and the communtiy is invited to vote for their preferred option.

The three options include:

Option 1          Single entry and exit point, enter from northbound lane, exit from southbound lane, 17 car spaces

Option 2          Dual entry and exit point, from both northbound and southbound lanes, 18 car spaces

Option 3          Single entry and exit point, enter from southbound lane, exit from northbound lane, 14 car spaces (design in current planning permit)

The option with the most votes will be included in the overall streetscape plan.

Click here to access voting form.

Click here to access design plans

Voting closes Friday, 19 July.