Draft 2017/18 Budget

19 April, 2017 - Media release

Draft 2017/18 budget released for community comment.

Campaspe Shire Council has released its $81 million draft 2017/18 Budget providing a financial blueprint for the delivery of services, programs and initiatives for the financial year ahead.

Campaspe Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston, said the draft budget allowed for all current services to be maintained while adhering to the Victorian Government’s 2017/18 rate capping constraint of 2%.

"Councillors and the executive management team have carefully prepared this draft budget over the last several months. I believe it is a financially responsible and comprehensive budget that provides valuable services and another large Capital Works Program to the community," Cr Weston said.

"In the context of increasing financial challenges and tighter legislative requirements, as a council, we have continued to approach council’s finances with a mindset of prudence and efficiency across the organisation.

"We are committed to continuing our ongoing services review program over the term of this council and ensuring we are delivering the right services, at the right level, to meet the community’s needs now and into the future.

“That’s why the draft budget has again been developed in line with the 10-year Long Term Financial Plan and builds on our continued emphasis on productivity and efficiency, which, in this budget, delivers a positive cash flow for the first time in three years.

“While the operational surplus of $237,000 is small, it is important to note we have delivered this without impacting service levels.

“In working towards the long-term vision of our community, council will lead, partner, advocate, support and facilitate where appropriate in order to progress issues, initiatives and projects for the benefit of all residents.

“To this end, the draft budget includes dedicated funding for community-led projects through the grants programs, and funds for council advocacy initiatives.

The $74 million operational budget will be used to deliver more than 100 different services to the community and $29.9 million will be spent investing in Campaspe’s infrastructure assets, with a particular focus on renewal works.

Key Budget Facts at a glance

  • Total budget revenue of $81 million.
  • Continuing to deliver more than 100 different services to the community.
  • An amount of $29.9 million is allocated towards the Capital Works Program, including $20.9 million for asset renewal.
  • An operational budget surplus of $237,000.
  • The average rate will rise by 2% in line with state government legislation.
  • The municipal charge will remain at $200.

Waste & Recycling Charge

Council’s waste service charge, including kerbside collection and recycling, will increase by 3% per property. For an 80-litre garbage bin, the charge is $211.15 (up by $6.15) and for a 140-litre garbage bin the charge is $265.75 (up by $7.75). The recycling bin charge is $58.70 (up by $1.70) and the garden organics bin charge is $52.50 (up by $1.50).

Capital Works Program

Some highlights of the $29.9 million program are:

$9.3 million for roads including:

$820,000               Resheeting of gravel road shoulders on local roads
$2 million               Gravel resheeting of local roads
$1.3 million            Resealing works on local roads
$500,000               Kotta Road, Kotta, 1km section of rural road construction
$394,000               Geodetic Road, Stanhope, section of rural road construction
$484,000               Rogers Road, Kyabram, replacement section of kerb and
$467,500               Bolton Street, Echuca, road construction, footpath, kerb and
                              channel works
$499,000               Lake Road, Kyabram, road construction between Fenaughty St
                              to Pettifer St

$818,500 for bridges, including:

$480,000               Gunbower Fox Island Road Bridge, Gunbower
$78,500                 Mulvehills Bridge, Toolleen

$1.080 million for rural and urban drainage projects, including:

$100,000               Rural road culvert replacement program, shire-wide
$104,500               Rushworth Railway Reserve, wetland drainage works

$1.3 million for public buildings, including:

$560,000               Shackell Bond Store, Echuca, building refurbishment
$50,000                 Port of Echuca log slip
$53,000                 Historic old brothel, Echuca
$178,800               Echuca Library, solar power

$1.594 million for recreation, leisure and community facilities including:

$435,000               Echuca War Memorial Aquatic Centre, air circulation system
$388,150               Rochester Lawn Tennis Club, two tennis courts, lights and other 
$167,000               Rochester Recreation Reserve, netball courts and lights
$204,436               Girgarre Recreation Reserve, tennis and netball courts
$114,000               Lockington Recreation Reserve, power supply

$4.904 million for parks, open spaces and streetscapes including:

$327,000               Echuca West open space development
$4 million               Echuca Riverfront development (year 2)
$70,000                 High Street, Rushworth, streetscape design

Submissions on the Draft 2017/18 Budget

Members of the public are invited to make submissions on the Draft 2017/18 Budget. Written submissions must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, 24 May 2017.

Council will consider public submissions at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, 30 May at 4pm at the Echuca Civic Centre Function Room. Submitters may speak to their submission if they request this in advance.

The 2017/18 Budget will be considered for adoption at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, 6 June at 5pm at the Echuca Civic Centre Function Room.

Copies of the Draft 2017/18 Budget are available for viewing on the Council website at www.campaspe.vic.gov.au or in hard copy at any of council’s customer service centres at Echuca, Kyabram, Rochester, Rushworth and Tongala.

To order a printed or electronic copy, please contact the Campaspe Shire Council on 1300 666 535 or email [email protected]