Council Plan 2017 - 2021

20 April 2017 - Media release

Members of the community are invited to consider and if appropriate, provide feedback on the draft Council Plan 2017–2021, which, for the first time includes the Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan.

Campaspe Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston, said the council plan was the principal strategic plan that provides the overarching framework for the development and delivery of all other council plans, strategies, policies and services.

“As the organisation’s key planning document, the purpose of the council plan is to guide the planning, decision-making and actions of the council during this four-year term as we work towards achieving our vision for the future in partnership with the community,” Cr Weston said.

“Although it is a high-level document, it also serves as a practical reference for council business in describing our key objectives and priorities, the main activities we will complete, how these will be resourced and, importantly, how our performance will be measured.

“While the new council plan has been developed by councillors in conjunction with the executive team and senior officers, it has been informed by feedback received from the community at engagement opportunities held throughout the year including the Campaspe Conversation Day and key stakeholder and reference group meetings.

“The community reference group consisting of 8 members from across the Shire, played a key role in assisting council with information and providing feedback from consultation regarding the direction of the plan” Cr Weston said.

To streamline planning and service delivery, and make the best use of council resources, the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan has been incorporated into the council plan document.

“Incorporation of the health and wellbeing plan strengthens the integrated planning approach across all council activities and enables council to optimise limited resources for the greatest community benefit,” Cr Weston said.

The five strategic objectives and desired outcomes below highlight what council is working towards in delivering the Council Plan 2017–2021:

Strong and Engaged Communities

  • Services, programs and advocacy enable improved health, wellbeing and safety of our community

Resilient Economy

  • Diverse and growing economy with increased employment and investment opportunities, economic prosperity and community development

Healthy Environment

  • A healthier environment for current and future generations

Balanced Services and Infrastructure

  • Services and assets meet current and future community need

Responsible Management

  • Strong leadership, advocacy and good governance
  • An organisation that is responsive, flexible, honest, accountable and consistent

“The council plan acknowledges that council alone cannot achieve these objectives, so in working towards our long-term vision to build a municipality that is “strong, supportive, vibrant and sustainable”, we will continue to work closely with the local community and all levels of government to leverage opportunities, tackle challenges and ensure that the Shire of Campaspe continues to prosper,” Cr Weston said.

“One of the key challenges facing council and the local government sector as a whole, is the state government's imposed rate capping measures which will have a significant impact on our financial position and planning for the future as time goes on.

“We are, however, confident that with continued prudent financial management and ongoing review of our services and assets to ensure we provide the right level of services to meet the needs of the community, we can continue to achieve our mission and provide services, facilities, support and advocacy to enable our community to be healthy, connected, prosperous and resilient.”

For more information on how to have your say on the council plan, visit council’s website or any of council’s customer service centres.

Submissions on the council plan must be lodged with council by Wednesday, 24 May.