Digital strategy endorsed

4 July 2017 - Media release

Campaspe Shire Council has endorsed a Strategic Statement and Digital Community Roadmap (“the Roadmap”); two key documents supporting local digital advancement within the community.

Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston, said council has been extensively involved in advocating for improved telecommunications infrastructure and digital progression for a number of years.

“A major emphasis from council has been to advocate for the rollout of high speed broadband through the National Broadband Network (NBN), and seek increased government investment in mobile black spot areas,” Cr Weston said.

A primary focus for council is to identify opportunities to increase the local communities’ digital capabilities. This is reflected through the development of the Roadmap.

“The Roadmap is in many ways is a consolidation and refinement of previous work undertaken by council, which has included additional internal engagement with service managers,”

“The purpose of the document is to articulate council’s contribution to local digital advancement over the coming council term, in line with the digital vision for Campaspe communities and businesses to be at the forefront of digital technology, maximising the use of online tools to improve local liveability and business competitiveness,” Cr Weston said.

Some of the local initiatives identified include:

  • Undertake survey of local community and businesses to identify barriers to take up of high speed broadband (NBN)
  • Work with local health providers to identify local health promotion opportunities using online platforms
  • Introduce public wifi to Tongala and Rushworth libraries
  • Investigate issues, opportunities and options for public wifi in key (public) tourism spaces
  • Advocate for the improved mobile telephone infrastructure in Campaspe
  • Advocate for the rapid completion of the NBN network to all Campaspe communities

With the roadmap in place, council is now ready to embrace new and innovative ways of delivering important services to local businesses and households in the coming years.

In developing the Roadmap, council’s own digital aspirations were reviewed, in particular given the implementation closure of council’s current ICT strategy and other local advancements such as the availability of high speed broadband. This review has generated the Campaspe Shire Council Strategic Statement on Digital Aspirations 2017-2020.

The Strategic Statement on Digital Aspirations 2017-2020, articulates council’s overall digital mission as being to harness the opportunities of digital technology to improve the lives of people in our community.

The Strategic Statement focuses on three key areas of interest for council:

  • Council digital system and tools: the infrastructure and software to ensure council as an organisation is equipped with an effective and efficient ICT system
  • Council service delivery: the various services provided by council to the local community, and how these services may be improved or modified through digital technology
  • Campaspe communities and businesses: the residents, townships and businesses comprising the Shire of Campaspe, and how the broader community can benefit from improved digital connectivity and capability

Vision statements, along with a number of broad strategies, will help to guide future work within each key area to ensure the digital mission can be achieved.

A copy of the Strategic statement on digital aspirations: 2017 – 2020 include the Digital Roadmap can be accessed by clicking here