Hydrotherapy pool feasibility study underway

4 September 2017 - Media release

Campaspe Shire Council is undertaking a feasibility study to investigate the potential, or not, for a community hydrotherapy pool to be developed.

Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston said the study will provide a cost benefit analysis and identify community need for the service, consider partnership opportunities and assess potential locations.

“A hydrotherapy pool relieves discomfort in the injured and elderly and promotes physical wellbeing through warm water based rehabilitation exercises,” Cr Weston said.

“The study will provide a detailed cost benefit analysis with consideration to the positive impacts of the service to health care providers and the wider community.”

“Community demand, the benefits of a hydrotherapy pool to the community and the cost efficiency of establishing and maintaining such a facility will also be carefully considered.”

Council has engaged @leisure Planners to complete the study, the need for which arose following the closure of a privately run facility in Echuca some years ago and community expectation that the service was required.

“Although council currently has no role in providing a hydrotherapy service, the feasibility study will start the discussion with the community, private and public service providers into the demand and viability of such a service,” Cr Weston said.

The project is now open for community comment as follows:

In addition @leisure will be contacting key stakeholders and potential partners direct to seek their views.

Cr Weston said key questions asked included:

  • Would you use a warm water/hydrotherapy pool if one was available?
  • What programs, facilities, and services would you like to see offered? (eg aqua fit classes, deep running, hydrotherapy sessions, gentle exercise classes, casual rehabilitation, learn to swim for babies or preschoolers, swimming sessions for people with a disability, etc.).
  • Where do you believe is the best location for a warm water/hydrotherapy pool if one was established?
  • Any other suggestions about the future development or operation of a warm water/hydrotherapy pool.

More information on this project is available on the project webpage: www.atleisure.com.au/currentprojects/campaspe-hydrotherapy-facility