Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected

14 November 2017 - Media release

Waranga Ward Councillor Adrian Weston was tonight re-elected Campaspe Shire Mayor for another one-year term at a special meeting of council.

Cr Weston was unanimously elected to the post, after leading the nine-member council since November last year.

On acceptance, Cr Weston thanked his fellow councillors for showing their support and confidence to his nomination.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to return as Mayor, to lead the council team for the next 12 months. I look forward to building on my experience of the past year and believe a second term as Mayor will be productive, allowing the council to progress many of the strategies and plans underway,” Cr Weston said.

Kyabram Deakin Ward Councillor Vicki Neele was elected Deputy Mayor, replacing Councillor Leanne Pentreath.

Cr Neele was pleased to receive the support of all councillors.

"I look forward to supporting Cr Weston in his role as Mayor and working across the community," Cr Neele said.

Other items on the agenda included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, the setting of Mayor and councillor allowances, nominations to committees as the council representative and councillor portfolios.

Cr Weston said the MOU outlines the working relationship between the Mayor and CEO and is important to the good governance of the council.

“It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and CEO, mutual expectations, how we will keep each other briefed and updated, managing media, dispute resolution and other matters,” he said.

In line with the Local Government Act, the Mayor allowance was set at $76,521 and councillor allowance at $24,730.

Councillors accepted portfolios of responsibility for the next 12 months. The portfolio structure is designed to help council as a whole benefit from individual councillors’ expertise and passion in specific areas.

“The portfolios will help councillors develop their understanding is areas of interest, in addition to their ward duties,” Cr Weston said.

Portfolios accepted are:

Cr Adrian Weston                  Natural resource management

Cr Daniel Mackrell                 Economic development

Cr Kristen Munro                    Youth and early years

Cr Vicki Neele                        Tourism and arts

Cr Neil Pankhurst                  Planning and building

Cr Leanne Pentreath            Health and wellbeing, Sport and recreation

Cr Annie Vickers                    Emergency management

Cr Leigh Wilson                     Waste and renewables

Cr John Zobec                       Roads