Gaining confidence in an inclusive youth program

20 December 2017 - Media release

Campaspe Shire Council teamed up with the Echuca Specialist School during 2017 to develop and deliver a work experience program to increase confidence and provide an understanding of how activities are undertaken in a public setting.

Economic & Community Development General Manager, Mr Keith Oberin said the development program was a great opportunity for Echuca Specialist School students to obtain hands-on experience through the delivery of basic tasks in the community.

“Council was pleased to provide a venue for the students to join forces with Port of Echuca Discovery Centre staff to carry out the 14-week program of general hand duties,” Mr Oberin said.

Under the guidance of the Port Maintenance Officer, tasks completed included gardening, raking of leaves, sweeping and garden design.

“The program has proved a great success and links with our organisation’s values of being customer focused and supporting teamwork,” Mr Oberin said.

Ms Rhiannon Veal of the Echuca Specialist School said staff at the school had noticed a substantial increase in student’s confidence and that they were very enthusiastic about the program.

“Our students enjoyed working with the team at the Port and were made to feel very welcome. We are keen to continue this amazing opportunity in 2018,” Ms Veal said.

Management of the Discovery Centre has indicated their willingness to make the program an ongoing opportunity.

“It’s a real pleasure working with council staff and we can’t thank them enough for this opportunity,” Ms Veal added.