Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

5 February 2018 - Media release

As news of China’s restrictions on recycling spills into the media, Campaspe Shire Council is urging the community to continue recycling household waste as there is no current impact on its residents.

Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston said residents may have heard recent reports of pressures impacting the recycling industry, however wishes to advise residents this is not impacting council operations at present.

“It’s business as usual and there is no need for concern. We ask our residents to continue recycling as normal and collection services will remain unchanged,” Cr Weston said.

Council is in a fortunate position as its waste contractor, Veolia, has a local materials recovery centre in Echuca. This means materials collected from our kerbside recycle bins are processed locally, with the majority of recovered materials ending up in local markets, and in Melbourne and Sydney. This means, Campaspe Council is not as reliant on export markets.

Recycling remains a major priority for council with the introduction of 360-litre recycle bins and the expansion of the garden organics service assisting the community in achieving a 7.2 per cent reduction in waste to landfill last financial year.

“The community is to be congratulated for their continued contributions to the ongoing reduction of waste to landfill through recycling and reusing household materials,” Cr Weston said.

We encourage residents to continue their great work in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Residents can up-size their recycling bin to a 360-litre bin, at no additional charge from the 240-litre bin, and can reduce the waste bin to an 80-litre bin for a 20 per cent saving.

“As a member of the Goulburn Valley Waste & Resource Recovery Group, council is working with the Victorian Government and industry to respond to the issues posed by the China restrictions on recycling as a matter of urgency to ensure this matter will not impact our residents,” Cr Weston said.