Dry Weather Impacts Road Grading

10 May 2018 - Media release

The ongoing dry weather conditions in the district is now impacting the Campaspe Shire Council’s road grading program.

General Manager Infrastructure Services Emma Dalton said the lack of rain and dryness of the ground is now impacting the ability to grade gravel roads effectively.

“Persistent dry weather means there is no moisture in the ground, this impacts the result of grading a gravel road without the use of a water tanker and a lot of water,” Ms Dalton said.

“Whilst we can grade and use a water tanker, this is not the preferred method. The end result is not as good or long-lasting as grading a road that has good moisture content.”

“This does not mean our grading program has come to a halt. It does however restrict the amount of grading completed and roads where safety is an issue will be actioned as a priority.”

Campaspe Shire has an unusually large gravel road network compared to other councils. Of the 4,000 kilometre road network, 1,000 is sealed, 2,000 is gravel, with the remainder being earth.

“While some rain is forecasted for later this week, unless we have ongoing, steady rain, impacts to the road grading program will continue,” she said.

“I would like to assure the community that gravel road service requests will not be ignored and the same request does not need to be lodged multiple times. The road will be inspected and assessed to determine whether grading is a safety priority or can be placed on the grading list for action once ground conditions improve.”

“Grading with a water tanker is very costly and we want to make sure the funds allocated for road grading are used in the most effective manner.”

Council will continue to monitor the weather situation and schedule works when suitable.