No More Rubbish Events

16 May 2018 - Media Release.

Council has adopted a Waste Wise Events Guide aimed at improving recycling and reducing waste at community events.

Campaspe Shire Council Deputy Mayor, Cr Vicki Neele said with so many organisations now seriously considering their environmental responsibilities, council wants to ensure that events held in our region are using best waste practices. Supporting events to be more waste wise also aligns with council’s commitment to environmental sustainability including reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

“Events generate large volumes of waste that often ends up in landfill. Whilst banning single-use plastic items would be effective in reducing harmful waste, the focus is currently on educating event organisers to minimise waste, improve recycling techniques and prevent litter,” Cr Neele said.

“Any event that requires waste services and is on council owned or managed land will need to meet the minimum level of certification under the Waste Wise Events Guide.”

There are three different star ratings of certification as follows:

1 star rating                The minimum requirement that ensures events offer effective recycling facilities and maintain a litter-free environment.

2 star rating                Requires events to achieve recycling and contamination targets, work to reduce food and packaging waste while eliminating two single-use plastic items.

3 star rating                In addition to achieving recycling and contamination targets, events also must provide free water refills, separate organic waste collection and eliminate all single-use plastic items.

Events that are awarded any level of certification will be encouraged to use the corresponding Waste Wise logo in any promotion of their event.

“With our increasing awareness of environmental sustainability, people may choose to attend an event with a high star rating, knowing the negative impact to the environment will be minimised,” Cr Neele said.

Whilst there may be costs associated with meeting two and three star certification requirements, event organisers may experience savings in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Event organisers would be encouraged to apply for a Campaspe Community Grant to assist in the upgrade of their waste systems.

The guide has been developed through council’s waste education program, WICKED (Waste in Campaspe – Know, Educate, Do), and is available on council’s website.