WICKED survey results are in!

8 January 2019 - Media release

Campaspe Shire residents are aware and concerned about waste and environmental issues and are changing their behaviour with waste to landfill reduced by 4.1 per cent in the last 12 months.

Mayor, Cr Adrian Weston said this is the clear result from the WICKED (Waste in Campaspe – Know, Educate, Do) survey, a survey conducted annually to better understand community perception and behaviour relating to waste and the environment.

“The survey provides council with valuable information on the community’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards waste and the environment,” Cr Weston said.

In its fifth year, the WICKED survey concludes the five-year Waste and Environment Behaviour Change Program. Survey results assist the development of the next five-year program which is set to launch next year. Future programs will focus heavily on where knowledge gaps exist and where positive behaviour change can be improved.

“Information obtained from the survey will assist council in identifying priorities and planning future programs,” Cr Weston said.

Some key findings of the survey include:

  • More than three-quarters of the 211 residents surveyed, or 81%, are concerned about the state of the environment, up 11% from last year.
  • 74% of households always use the cold water cycle when washing clothes
  • 94% of households use their own bags when shopping (a massive 53% on last year)
  • 53% of households actively conserve energy, water or gas in the home
  • 78% of people use the public recycle bins
  • 8% less people are disposing of food waste in their household waste bins
  • 11% more households are using a home compost or worm farm for food waste
  • 99% of people claim to know what items can and can’t go in the recycle bin
  • 68% of people recycle even if it takes additional effort
  • More than three-quarters (81%) of people use one of council’s transfer station
  • 53% of people know how to report someone who is littering or illegally dumping their waste (6% more than last year)

“It’s pleasing to see that the WICKED program is providing positive results and the community is congratulated,” Cr Weston said.

To access details of the full survey report, visit council’s website. Click here