Changes to regulate Council meetings

11 February 2020 - Media release

In December 2019, Campaspe Shire Council adopted an updated Meeting Local Law.

Corporate Services General Manager, Fleur Cousins said from the community’s point of view, there are two key changes relating to deadlines for submitting a question for question time and requesting to speak to an item.

“An earlier deadline for submissions to participate in Council meetings will provide Councillors and staff a more realistic timeframe to understand topics and questions of interest,” Ms Cousins said.

“Asking a question or requesting to speak to an item is an important opportunity for members of the public to address queries or concerns to Councillors and Council staff at a Council meeting.”

Members of the public are able to submit questions for Council to answer by completing a form. The same goes for requesting to speak at a Council meeting.

The submission deadline to ask a question is now no later than midday on the day of the meeting. Questions will be announced during the ‘question time’ section, held in the first part of the Council meeting, and if appropriate, an answer will be provided. No debate or discussion of questions or answers is permitted, and all questions and answers must be as brief as possible.

The other opportunity for the community to participate in the meeting is by asking to speak to an item on the Council agenda for that meeting. Again, a written request including an agenda item number must be made 24 hours prior the Council meeting.

“We encourage people to submit their requests using an online form available on Council’s website,” Ms Cousins said.

Forms are also available to download, complete and deliver to a customer service centre. Full details are available on Council’s website.