1 Jun - 30 Jul 2018

The story behind Escape from Antarctica
One hundred years ago one of the most compelling adventure and survival stories of the 20th century occurred in Antarctica.
Sir Ernest Shackelton’s imperial trans-Antarctic Expedition aimed to be the first to cross the frozen Antarctic continent. Shackelton’s bold plan would see two partied working from opposite sides of the continent. He would lead the Weddell Sea crossing party while a second Ross Sea supply party, led by Aeneas Mackintosh, would lay critical rations ahead of them. It was an incredibly dangerous venture.
Both parties were trapped by ice, both lost their ships. One party was never to touch the continent they hoped to cross. The other became marooned on it with no escape, desperately sledging through blizzard and ice to lay supplies for the leader who would never come.
Visit Echuca Historical Society Museum’s Shackelton Exhibition and view photographs from a more recent expedition


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1 June 2018 to 30 July 2018

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