Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our community. Hundreds of these selfless people give their time, energy, skills and talents to enable a variety of much needed council community services. 

Volunteers give their time freely, without coercion, and do not replace paid workers. Those who volunteer also benefit in many ways:

  • They get involved in their community.
  • They are generally happier, healthier and sleep better.
  • They are more likely to have a sense of belonging and being valued.
  • They get the opportunity to develop social networks, which is good for health and wellbeing.

Online Volunteer Safety Induction Program

To access council's Online Volunteer Safety Induction Program - CLICK HERE.

You will need your course code to start the course.

Volunteering with council

Below are some of the volunteering opportunities available with council:

Aged and Disability Support Services

  • Community Transport Program - transport clients to out of town medical appointments
  • Meals on Wheels - deliver midday meals, Monday to Friday
  • Planned Activity Groups - provide support and assistance for social inclusion activities

Library Services

  • Library Outreach - supporting programs including Books on Wheels, Words on Wheels, Talking Newspaper, Next Chapter Book Club
  • Regional & library branch support - supporting the library, special program preparation, broadband for seniors
  • Library depot support - book distribution and various administration tasks at small town depots

Campaspe Animal Shelter

  • Animal Shelter support - animal enrichment programs, grooming, walking, exercising
  • Animal foster care - providing animal care and respite in your own home

Special committees of council

  • Section 86 Committees - management and administration of council owned reserves and facilities, ie Nanneella Hall, Lockington Recreation Reserve - apply through local committee
  • Special Committees - Friends of the Library in Kyabram and Echuca

Port of Echuca Discovery Centre

  • Visitor Ambassador – contribute to visitor experience and provide first point of contact (may include storytelling, wearing period costumes etc)
  • Visitor Ambassador – PS Adelaide – minor maintenance and visitor engagement
  • Museum support – maintenance of historical records, archives and collections
  • Lost Trades – enhancing visitor experience through the demonstration of Lost Trades and/or Bespoke Crafts

Other volunteer opportunities

  • One off events - short term community programs and events

Want more information?

If you are interested in volunteering with the Campaspe Shire Council or would like further information, please phone 1300 666 535.

New Volunteers Handbook
Expression of Interest form

Volunteering in an emergency

If you would like to help in an emergency, complete and submit the registration form on the website http://emergency.volunteer.vic.gov.au/

Once you have submitted the form, your details will be passed on to council to coordinate the recovery efforts in the affected area.

If you are interested in emergency volunteering, it is best to register before an emergency arises, so you can undergo any relevant training.

Fact sheet: Volunteering in an emergency 

Volunteering in the community

Volunteers make a positive difference in all facets of community life.

Volunteer positions are welcome at sporting clubs, schools, service clubs, churches and emergency service agencies within our community.

To find out more about the various community groups within your area, click here to view our Community Directory.

Volunteer resources

The following resources are provided to assist volunteers:

Volunteer handbook - information to assist with volunteer functions and terms and conditions of engagement

Charter of human rights - information about your rights and responsibilities

Food safety online course - an online course to help you understand food safety requirements