Planned activity groups

Planned activity groups help keep you connected to your community if your disability or age make socialising difficult. Volunteer transport can also be provided to get you to medical appointments and other activities.

The aim of planned activity groups is to support people who are frail aged or have a disability to remain socially connected with their community. It’s a very important aspect of maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of people with disabilities and their carers.

Campaspe’s planned activity groups will:

  • support you to participate in activities and interests you enjoy
  • give you important social contact
  • give carers some respite
  • give carers support and information
  • enhance and maintain daily living skills through structured programs.

Volunteer transport

Frail older people and people with disabilities who are unable to get to medical appointments using public transport or other transport options can access volunteer transport. Trained volunteer drivers can take you to your appointment using a council owned vehicle.

As there is no government funding for this service, it is dependent on driver and vehicle availability. It is available only to eligible clients and a fee is charged.