What are my responsibilities in reducing fire hazards?

If you live in the Shire of Campaspe, it’s your responsibility to make sure there are no fire hazards on your property. The types of property maintenance and fire prevention activities property owners can undertake include:

  • Reducing fine fuels such as long grass, fallen leaves and twigs from around the house
  • Removing dead undergrowth and fallen branches
  • Removing potential fire hazards such as firewood and flammable household items
  • Keeping grass cut to a low level
  • Cleaning leaves out of gutters

During the lead up to the declared fire danger period council fire prevention officers inspect local properties for fire hazards.

If they see a fire hazard, they will issue a fire prevention notice to the property owner. If you receive one of these notices, it’s your responsibility to act on it by the specified date.

If you don’t, council may have the hazard removed, at your expense. Council may also charge an administration fee and legal action may be taken against the property owner.

It’s important to remember that you may need to do fire prevention work on your property several times during the fire danger period eg you may need to cut back vegetation regularly.

If you think you have seen a fire hazard during the fire danger period on private property or council land, please call council on 1300 666 535.

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