Total fire ban days

Total fire ban days are declared by the Country Fire Authority on days when fires are likely to spread and be difficult to control. Campaspe Shire is within the Northern Country Total Fire Ban District

Find out about total fire ban day restrictions that could affect you here.

Fire danger period

The fire danger period is declared by the Country Fire Authority and can vary from one region to another. 

The fire danger period is not the same as a total fire ban, but it does include restrictions. For example, there are restrictions on: 

  • fires in the open air
  • welding and grinding
  • and using heavy equipment. 

Get more information on fire danger period restrictions here.

Are you fire ready?

Council strongly recommends that all residents make sure their property is in a fire ready condition in the lead up to the fire danger period. 

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Campaspe Shire Council also encourage you to make a bush fire plan for your family and property. Find out how to make this plan here or contact the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.

Should I attend a fire ready meeting? 

It’s a good idea to attend fire ready meetings run by the CFA when scheduled in the Campaspe area, even if you’ve been to one before. You will find out about: 

  • the risks in your area
  • how to make or update your fire ready plan
  • some of the crucial decisions you need to make during bushfires
  • how to get up to date information during bushfire season. 

Find information regarding Fire Ready Victoria meetings in Campaspe here.

Where can I get help to make a fire plan?

  • Fill out My Plan, your personal fire safety plan, using the CFA's new Facebook app
  • If you're travelling around the state in summer, you need to make sure you're fire ready, wherever you go. Visit the CFA's Facebook page
  • CFA warnings on Twitter via @CFA Updates
  • CFA's FireReady App 2.0 download the free app from this link in your smart phone's browser.

What should I do during a bushfire? 

You should follow the fire plan you have already prepared. If you plan to leave, then leave early. 

Tune into ABC local radio for information. In Campaspe, you can listen to ABC radio on 91.1 FM. 

You can go to a neighbourhood safer place. These are places of last resort you can go to during a bushfire, which may give you some protection. However, how safe it is can be effected by factors such as the fire’s intensity and your ability to get to this place safely. For this reason, it should only be a contingency if your fire ready plan has failed. It cannot be considered completely safe. 

In Campaspe, the neighbourhood safer place is Echuca South Recreation Reserve oval, High Street, Echuca.