Campaspe Shire Council has a policy to help establish new local businesses and expand existing ones.

This policy helps council strategically determine which requests for assistance to establish or expand businesses and industry should receive assistance.

The assessment includes:


  • the number of jobs created both in the long term and short term
  • the impact on existing businesses in the Shire ie direct competition or will the new business draw its customers from outside the Shire as well as from within? Does it take business away from the existing CBD and cause fragmentation of the commercial district?
  • the impact of the business on the existing infrastructure
  • the conditions attached to the proposal proceeding affecting the community
  • the impact on the amenity of the area
  • the impact on adjacent businesses and properties
  • the degree of value adding the industry or business is likely to achieve
  • the likelihood of attracting supporting industries and suppliers
  • the degree to which existing industries and enterprises are enhanced or supported
  • the utilisation of any spare capacity of council owned infrastructure
  • the impact of failing to attract the industry.


  • noise impacts on adjoining properties
  • odour impact on adjoining properties
  • amount of waste generated and how it is to be treated
  • traffic generated and impacts on neighbourhood
  • method of treating stormwater discharge from the property
  • other impacts on the environment
  • type of raw materials used in the manufacture of any products
  • the use of any products manufactured
  • sustainability of land used for the proposed development?


  • the value of any assistance provided, whether in cash or in kind
  • the rates to be expected in the short and long term
  • the financial benefits gained, if any, from government funded infrastructure ie how much further expansion can be catered for by the same infrastructure
  • the amount of monies available in the industrial reserve and the relative priority of the proposal compared with others under consideration by council.
  • the level of government funding available towards the project
  • the degree to which the project will result in council having to increase recurrent expenditure to maintain new assets or provide a service.
  • the likely return on investment.

People / human resources

  • the impact of the proposal on the way council carries out its functions, the impact on resources and service delivery. Will the proposal result in an increase in the number of complaints received?

Innovation and learning

  • utilisation of world’s best practice by the industry or enterprise
  • transferable innovations to other industries, enterprises and organisations.

Business processes

  • maintenance of new infrastructure by the industry or enterprise.


  • the impact this proposal will have on the residents of the shire as a whole ie to what degree does this proposal benefit the shire as a whole
  • any adverse impacts on the utility services provided by council as a result of the assistance provided

If you want more information, please contact Astrid O'Farrell, Investment Attraction Manager, 5481 2200.