It’s important that the people who work at the Shire of Campaspe understand our vision and mission for our community and are committed to adhering to the organisation’s values during their work at Council. 


A vibrant place to live, grow and visit, with a thriving, diverse and healthy lifestyle.


We will improve the lives of people in our community.


We will achieve our Vision and Mission by valuing:

Our Community            
We seek to understand and realise our community’s goals, balancing individual and overall benefit.

  • We will be approachable and welcoming
  • We will communicate clearly, constructively and honestly
  • We will engage with people on matters that affect them
  • We will recognise community capacity

Our Reputation            
We are known as leaders who address important issues, using a constructive approach and who can be relied upon to honour our commitments.

  • We will do what we say we will do
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We will grow our reputation based on trust
  • We will listen, learn and respond
  • We will be respectful and constructive in our approach

Our People                   
We achieve great things for our organisation and our community by caring and supporting our people.

  • We will care for our people's safety and wellbeing
  • We will embrace our people's differences
  • We will help our people to be the best that they can be
  • We will celebrate our success

Our Future                   
We use our resources smartly, understanding our community’s capacity and the importance of factors in addition to money.

  • We will use our resources wisely and efficiently
  • We will understand our current situation and develop strategic responses
  • We will consider the impact of today's decisions on tomorrow's generations

Our Delivery                 
We set clear goals, measure results and seek to improve, with the courage to raise issues and build capabilities that underpin our delivery.

  • We will plan to succeed
  • We will find ways to do things better
  • We will ensure our processes deliver outcomes
  • We will have the courage to start again