What is White Ribbon?

A world-wide campaign, White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male-led campaign to end men’s violence against women.

The campaign works to prevent men’s violence against women through education and raising awareness at schools, in workplaces and across the wider community. Their vision and purpose is:

Vision: A nation that respects women, in which every woman lives in safety, free from all forms of men's abuse.

Purpose: Engaging men to make women's safety a man's issue too.

White Ribbon Australia observes the 'International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women', also known as White Ribbon Day, annually on 25 November. It signals the start of the 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence against Women, which ends on Human Rights Day (10 December).

For more information, refer to White Ribbon's website.

White Ribbon Workplace

Violence against women – no matter where it occurs – effects the health, safety and wellbeing of women at work. It impacts their productivity and may also negatively affect the reputation and profits of affected women’s employers.

The Workplace Accreditation Program recognises workplaces that are taking steps to prevent and respond to violence against women, accrediting them as a White Ribbon Workplace. White Ribbon Workplaces respect women and are proactive in ensuring their safety. The workplace program is an award-winning initiative, which supports women’s empowerment and strengthens the organisation’s anti-bullying stance.

Other key benefits include:

  • driving social change
  • improved office safety and morale
  • increased staff knowledge and skills about the issue of men’s violence against women
  • improved retention rates and lower staff turnover
  • risk mitigation
  • improved work productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • improved reputation in professional networks and the wider community
  • becoming an employer of choice.

In September 2015, Campaspe Shire Council received accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace and in November 2018 received re-accreditation.