Street furniture

If you want to place items outside your shop or business, you need to apply for a Street furniture permit(PDF, 1MB). This is to make sure footpaths are kept clear for pedestrians and don’t obstruct traffic or property. 

Street furniture includes:

  • Advertising signs
  • A frame signs
  • Goods and products for sale
  • Tables and chairs
  • Planter boxes
  • Barrier screens
  • Umbrellas
  • Heaters
  • Temporary canvass screens

Section 7 of our Public Places Trading Guidelines(PDF, 8MB) provides more information about street furniture rules and restrictions. When you are granted a permit, you must following the permit conditions. 

Rules and restrictions for placing items on the footpath include:

  • Minimum kerb clearances
  • Legal ways to display your street furniture
  • Portable and real estate sign standards
  • Temporary café and community barbecue rules

How to apply

Step 1 – Submit your application 

Complete and application for street furniture and submit to Council.

Include in your application:

  • the signature of the business owner
  • a copy of public liability insurance
  • a site plan showing proposed layout
  • details of structures, signs or furniture including colour and materials
  • details of any advertising
  • photographs
  • full payment

Applications take 10 business days to process.

Note: if you pay the application and permit cost in full, you can place your furniture on the street before you receive your permit. Furniture placement is subject to change. 


Street furniture per setting (table and 4 chairs)    $164

A-frame board   $102.00

Goods for sale permit   $164

Step 2 – Council inspection

Once we have received your application and payment, a Council officer will contact you and organise a time to inspect the footpath, to make sure your street furniture meets all the requirements and guidelines. 

Step 3 – Application approval

If your street furniture meets the guidelines, a permit will be issued.

You must clearly display your permit in your business. 

Permit renewals

All permits expire on 30 June each year. A renewal notice will be sent mid-May each year.