Report & consent

You may require Council to report or consent to certain aspects of the Building Regulations before having a building permit issued. Consent generally relates to the siting and positioning of domestic buildings that do not meet the standard regulations, such as:

  • reducing the minimum frontage setback
  • exceeding maximum building heights
  • building over or near an easement, or
  • demolition work

The following accompanying documents must be submitted with your application form:

  • Current copy of title and plan of subdivision (less than 3 months old). A copy of title can be obtained via Landata.
  • Floor and site plans to scale
  • Drawing elevations to scale
  • Prescribed fee
  • Detailed cover letter addressing how each objective of Minister’s Guidelines MG-12 Siting and Design for Single Dwellings is met in relation to your application and each variation sought. A copy of MG-12 can be found here.

Please note: if you require multiple variations to be sought for your development, a separate application package must be submitted for each variation.

If you require assistance with your application, please seek assistance from a suitable qualified professional.

Where you have proposed to build over or within 1 metre of an easement, approval will need to be obtained from the relevant authority (who the easement is in favour of) and submitted as part of the application.

Once you are ready, you can complete and lodged the Report and Consent application form:

   Word version (interactive) PDF version 
Report and Consent application form  Download(DOCX, 88KB) Download(PDF, 210KB)