Question time

Question time will be available at a Council Meeting, except an Unscheduled Meeting, to enable members of the public to address questions to Council.Members of the public may submit questions by completing an ‘Ask a Question at a Council Meeting’ form before 12 noon on the day prior to the Council Meeting, either by:

Questions will be answered unless the CEO has determined that the relevant question:

  • relates to a matter containing confidential information as defined in the Local Government Act 2020.  Confidential information includes (but is not limited to): -
    1. Council business information that would prejudice the Council’s position in commercial negotiations if prematurely released;
    2. matters affecting the security of Council property or the safety of any person;
    3. land use planning information if prematurely released is likely to encourage speculation in land values
    4. law enforcement information
    5. legally privileged information
    6. personal information
    7. private commercial information
  • relates to a matter in respect of which Council has no power to act;
  • is defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or substance
  • is repetitive of a question already answered (whether at the same or an earlier meeting)
  • is asked to embarrass an officer or a Councillor

If the CEO determines that a question will be read at a Council Meeting, a response will be provided during the Question Time section held in the first part of the Council meeting.

No debate or discussion of questions or answers is permitted other than for the purposes of clarification.

Council’s Customer Service Centres are located at Echuca, Kyabram, Rochester, Rushworth and Tongala. View the Customer Service Centres page for opening hours and locations.