Contesting a parking fine

Contest a parking fine

If you have received a parking fine and you believe you should not have received an infringement, you can apply for an internal review.

When a parking fine is issued, a photo is taken of the vehicle, indicating the time, date, and dashboard, to support any review process. 

How to apply for a review

You can apply for a review of your infringement by lodging a request, either by:

The request should detail the circumstances under which you would like the infringement reviewed. The request should also contain your first and last name, contact details, infringement number and vehicle registration number. 


A medical emergency

  • The request for review must be supported by a statement from a medial authority or medical practitioner outlining the emergency.

Vehicle broken down

  • The request for review must be supported by a towing receipt, or repair receipt, detailing evidence of date and place of breakdown.

Deceased person

  • The person who committed the offence is now deceased. The letter for review must be supported by death certificate, death notice or statutory declaration.

Ticket parking

  • A ticket was purchased, however not displayed. The letter for review must provide a copy of the valid parking ticket.

The review process

Every case is considered on its merits.

An internal review can only take place if the infringement has not already been forwarded to the Infringements Court.

Most reviews are completed within 14 days, however the Infringements Act allows up to 90 days or longer if additional information is required. To avoid potential delays please check your infringement notice to confirm that it was issued by the Campaspe Shire Council. Any enquiries regarding infringements issued by other organisations should be directed to the organisation mentioned on your infringement notice.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of the internal review.

If you have not received a written response and you would like to check that your application for internal review has been received please feel free to contact our Local Laws Unit on 1300 666 535.