Flagpole program


To promote local events to the community and visitors, nine flagpoles have been installed in three high-traffic intersections in Echuca’s CBD. 

Council's Flagpole Program isn’t an advertising opportunity for businesses, but a way of supporting local activities and events. There are costs associated with the program, which pay for traffic management, banner installation, banner removal and ongoing flagpole maintenance. 

How to apply 

If you have an upcoming community event or activity you would like to promote using the Flagpole Program, you need to:

  • complete an online application form
  • attach a copy of the banner artwork. (The artwork is subject to Council approval)
  • submit your application at least one month before you want promotion to begin 

Completing an application does not guarantee your event or activity will be promoted using the banners. 

Priority for the banners being installed is at Council’s discretion and will be based on the priority rationale below. 

Banners will be erected for a maximum period of one month. 

Priority rationale 

In order of priority the bookings will take precedence as follows:

  1. Echuca based events sponsored by Campaspe Shire Council
  2. Major hallmark events
  3. Smaller Echuca Moama based events
  4. Other applications will be considered at the discretion of Council eg shop local promotions. 

Designing your banner 

Use these guidelines below when designing your banners: 

  1. One bold striking image or graphic design to be used and overall graphics should be kept simple.
  2. Font size should be large enough to ensure readability against a bright sky and legibility from a distance.
  3. Colour selection is important to guarantee visibility against both the sky and landscape. Black, grey and other dark background colours may blend into the general streetscape and will be approved at the discretion of the Council.
  4. Montages, slogans, extended text and direct advertising should be avoided.
  5. The banner content is to be non-commercial and in the community’s interest.
  6. All costs relating for the design and production of the banners are to be met by the hirer. To ensure the design meets Council’s guidelines it is important to submit the banner design to Council prior to production.
  7. Banners must be clean and free of fading, rips or tears and need to be inspected by the contractor or Council prior to erection.
  8. Approval is required for all banner designs, even if they have been used previously. Council will make a decision on design approval no more than five working days after the designs are submitted.
  9. Campaspe Shire Council reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any flag design that does not comply with the design guidelines or any banner that does not meet quality standards. 

Production guidelines 

  • Banners must be 900mm x 3000mm in size.
  • The banner needs to be made of high UV resistant material and be able to withstand wind stress.
  • Each cluster of flagpoles must be used by the one hirer and all the banners have the same design. If not, the banners won’t be installed. 


If you want to fly promotional banners under the Flagpole Program, there is a fee involved. This is to cover the cost of installing and removing the banners and the cost of any traffic management required. There is no charge to fly the banners. 

The application fee must be made when the banner display application is lodged. The fee is set annually by Council through the program budget. If the application is not approved the fee will be reimbursed. 

Banner locations 

Campaspe Shire Council prefers hirers to hire all nine flagpoles to ensure uniformity throughout the Echuca CBD. If this is not possible then it is preferred that hirers use the three flagpoles at the intersection of Annesley and Pakenham Streets.  

Below are the flagpole locations in Echuca’s CBD:

3 poles   Roundabout intersection of Annesley Street & Pakenham Street

3 poles   Roundabout intersection of Hare Street & Anstruther Street

3 poles   Roundabout intersection of Hare Street & Darling Street 

Installing and removing of banners 

If Council approves your application, you must deliver the banners to Campaspe Shire Council or the contractor five business days before the banners are installed. 

The banners will be removed two days after the event or within one month of installation.