Safety with syringes

Safety with syringes

It’s important that syringes and similar sharps are stored and disposed of correctly, otherwise they can spread blood-borne disease.

Campaspe Shire Council provides needle and syringe disposal bins at public toilets across the municipality so they can be safely disposed of. 

What are sharps?

Like syringes, sharps are devices used to penetrate the skin. For example, for a person with diabetes, their sharps would include not only insulin syringes but also finger pricking devices (lancets) and the needles on insulin pens.

What is the correct way to dispose of sharps?

Sharps should be disposed of in an approved SHARPS container. These bright yellow containers are clearly labelled ‘sharps’, display the Bio-Hazard symbol, made of an indestructible plastic and have one entry point.

These containers are necessary to protect yourself, your family and others from injury or the spread of infectious disease.

If sharps are put in your household rubbish, your family is at risk when handling the rubbish. Council workers might also be injured when handling the rubbish. If so, Council has the right to refuse to collect your rubbish.

If you find a needle in a park or on a footpath, contact Council for removal.

Needle & syringe container exchange program

Council provides a needle and syringe container exchange program for people with diabetes. All returned sharps containers are replaced with a new empty sharps container, free of charge.

For more information, please contact our Environmental Health Unit on 5481 2200.