Road safety

Road safety

The safety of Campaspe’s roads is obviously a priority for Council and other relevant road authorities. There are a number of strategies and programs in place to keep the municipality’s roads safe. 

Black spot projects

Each year State and Federal Governments provide funding to improve road safety at black spots and black lengths. These are spots or sections of road with a history of accidents where someone has been injured.

Council carefully analyses road accident data across the municipality and applies for funds to improve roads with a history of accidents. Over the past 10 years, many roads in Campaspe have been improved through this funding program.

Council also investigates local road accident sites to assess whether road safety can be improved through maintenance or design changes. 

Speed limits

Roads are assessed to determine the appropriate speed limit. Council then applies to Rural Roads Victoria (formerly VicRoads) to have those speed limits implemented. 

Speed limits must meet state-wide criteria, to ensure all motorists know what speed limits to expect in different conditions. 

Dust suppression

Sometimes, living close to an unsealed road can cause issues with dust from passing traffic.

Council’s Requests for upgrades to the road network policy(PDF, 661KB)  allows residents to either:

  • seal a section of road past a residence or
  • have a less dusty material applied to the pavement to reduce dust.

If you want dust suppression works done near your property, you must apply in writing and be willing to meet half the cost of the work involved. The process usually involves a 200 metre section of the road fronting the property.

Council asks property owners to contribute to the upgrade due to the limited funds available to maintain the road network at its existing level and works will be to their primary benefit.

Traffic counts

Council continually uses traffic counters on the municipality’s roads, gathering information about traffic volume, types and speed.