Occupancy permits for events

An event where large numbers of people gather increases the public safety risk and many require a POPE or TOP.

Public Place of Entertainment (POPE)

A place of public entertainment (POPE) is a building or place where a public event or meeting is held. A POPE permit is required when:

  • the building where the event is being held is larger than 500m²
  • the place where the event is being held is larger than 500m² and is enclosed, mostly enclosed or an admission fee is charged.

The POPE application form is available here(PDF, 137KB).

Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP)

A temporary occupancy permit (TOP) is an occupancy permit for temporary structures which are listed prescribed structures in the building regulations.

If you are planning a public meeting or event, we recommend you read download our Events Ready Reference Guide(PDF, 2MB), which includes information on planning and running a successful event, including all the Council approvals required.

The TOP application form is available here(PDF, 72KB) .

Please remember to contact Building Services if you have any queries. They are happy to help.