Planning scheme amendments

As Campaspe’s community changes, Council may need to make changes to its planning controls and strategy to ensure the planning process continues to meet the needs of current and future community members.

As a result, there may be a need to amend the Campaspe Planning Scheme. The sorts of amendments that may be required include things like:

  • changes to zoning
  • changes to the heritage overlay.

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must follow certain procedures to make amendments to the planning scheme. Visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning website to find out more about the amendment process.

A planning scheme amendment is usually done for significant planning issues. Amendments to Campaspe’s Planning Scheme can be prepared by Council or the Victorian Minister for Planning.

Other people or organisations can make a written request to Council to make a planning scheme amendment. The request must include the reasons for a possible amendment. Council will then consider it and decide whether or not to make the amendment.

You can find more information on recent amendments to the Campaspe Planning Scheme here.