Maternal & child health

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1. Overview

Please reschedule your appointment if you or your child is unwell. A face mask is required to be worn for all consultations. 

Bringing home your baby from hospital is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience, particularly for first time parents.

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) service is a free service available to all families with children from birth through to school age. The MCH service supports families in the areas of parenting, health and wellbeing, growth and development.

The service also refers families where necessary to other professionals and links them with other families in the local community.

MCH program description 

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) service is a free service available to all families with children from birth through to school age. The MCH service supports families in the areas of parenting, health and wellbeing, growth and development.

All MCH nurses are registered midwives who have completed additional studies in Child and Family Health, enabling them to work as community clinicians within the MCH service. They provide tailored support for families, including those with complex needs. MCH nurses have expertise in identifying health concerns and developmental delays and can provide referrals to appropriate agencies. They can link new families into playgroups and First Time Parents Groups, which foster connections and friendships within our local community.

Campaspe Shire Council offers both universal and enhanced services.

Universal MCH service

Campaspe’s maternal and child health nurses will see your family at least ten times in the first three and a half years of your child’s life. Known as the "Key Ages and Stages" consultations you will see the nurse at:

  • home with your new baby
  • two weeks (at the maternal and child health centre from here on)
  • four weeks
  • eight weeks
  • four months
  • eight months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • two years
  • and three and a half years.

At each consultation, families are given the chance to discuss their concerns, talk about their parenting experiences and learn how to improve their child’s health, growth and development.

There is also a flexible service component which includes first time parent groups, community strengthening activities and additional consultations or telephone consultations as required. 

Enhanced MCH service

The Enhanced MCH Service responds to the needs of children and families at risk of poor outcomes, in particular where there are multiple risk factors. This service is provided in addition to the suite of services offered through the universal MCH service. It provides a more intensive level of support to families who need it. Support may be provided in a variety of settings, including the family home, or the maternal and child health centre.

2. Sleep and settling outreach support

Sleep and settling concerns are common issues affecting families with children from birth to school age.

Support is available to families through the Maternal and Child Health Sleep and Settling initiative. The sleep and settling model of care has been developed to ensure an evidence-informed and consistent approach to sleep and settling to support parents and caregivers who have raised a raised a sleep and settling concern.

The program is delivered by qualified MCH nurses who have undergone sleep and settling specific training. The program provides information and guidance around typical sleep patterns and behaviour across a range of developmental ages. The program also addresses common sleep concerns. Campaspe offers sleep and settling information sessions for different developmental stages as well as Outreach visits for families requiring additional support.

Register for a sleep and settling information sessions 

For any questions following the session, please email [email protected] or call 1300 644 964.

First Time Parents participating in Campaspe’s First Time Parent Groups will be invited to participate in a face-to-face information session as one of the weekly topics.

Outreach support

Sleep and Settling outreach consultations are for families experiencing sleep and settling concerns that can be addressed with up to 6.8 hours of additional support. The consultations provide more intensive and tailored sleep and settling information and support to parents and caregivers in their home, MCH centre or other suitable community setting.

MCH line

Additional support for sleep and settling is available to families 24/7 through the MCH Line by calling 13 22 29 any time day or night.

When families call the service, the MCH nurse will work with the family to determine their needs and concerns utilising the strategies, information and support available in the fact sheets on the Better Health Channel website.

The MCH Line can work with a family to make appropriate referrals if required. Please note, this is NOT an emergency service. In case of an emergency phone 000.

3. MCH Centre Locations

Within Campaspe shire many of the Maternal and Child Health centres are co-located with kindergartens and daycare centres, providing safe and easy access to the service.

There are 10 maternal and child health centres across the shire. For all bookings or enquiries please contact Campaspe Maternal and Child Health Service Central Booking Line: 1300 644 964. You can now also request appointments online, please see the next section. 


Colbinabbin Memorial Hall
36-38 Mitchell Street, Colbinabbin



398 High Street, Echuca

Njernda Aboriginal Health Clinic
208 McKinlay Street, Echuca
Phone 5480 6252 



Gunbower Kindergarten
1 Wilson Street, Gunbower


Kyabram MCH Centre
148a Fenaughty Street, Kyabram

Kyabram MCH Centre 2
Kyabram Library and Customer Service Centre
19 Lake Road, Kyabram


Bush Nursing Centre
31-37 Pannoo Road, Lockington


Tongala Health, KDHS
37 Mangan Street, Tongala


Stanhope Health, KDHS
35 Birdwood Avenue, Stanhope


Shine Bright Rochester
Edward Street, Rochester


Campaspe Shire Customer Service Centre
33 High Street, Rushworth

4. Request a MCH appointment

MCH appointments in Campaspe can be made by contacting the central booking number on 1300 644 964 or you can now request a MCH appointment online.

Please note that this is an appointment request only. MCH centres across Campaspe have different days and times of operation and not all centres are staffed each day. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred centre, day and time however please note that this is not guaranteed. Our MCH team will review your request and get back to you within 2 business days.

Collection Notice
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Council may disclose this information to other organisations and government departments if required by legislation. Visit council’s website for a copy of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy (Policy 81). If at any time you wish to access or amend your personal information or have a concern in relation to privacy, please contact council on 03 5481 2200. 

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MCH Appointment Request Form

5. Further information, links and resources