Disabled parking permits

Disabled parking permits

Find out here if you or a person you care for is eligible for a disabled parking permit. Permits are available to eligible people who are either the driver or the passenger in the car.

Category One: You are eligible for a parking permit if:

  • a medical practitioner certifies to Council you or the person you drive have difficulty walking and need a walking aid (this does not include a walking cane) that prevents access to a vehicle in a standard sized parking bay.


  • a medical practitioner certifies that you or the person you drive can’t walk very far without negatively affecting your health.

Category Two:  You or the person you drive is eligible for a permit if:

  • a medical practitioner certifies to Council that you or the person you drive needs regular breaks when walking distances. 

How to apply

Application forms are available from reception at all Campaspe Shire Council Service Centres or you can download the Disabled-parking-permit-application(PDF, 238KB) here.

Your application will be processed the same day it is received, and will then be mailed to you by post. It should arrive within five working days.

If your disability is temporary, a review date will be marked on your permit. If you have an ongoing disability, your permit will expire in three years (or one year for organisations).

Important note: It is your responsibility to arrange a new permit before the expiry date. If you fail to do so, you may be fined for parking in a disabled parking space without a current permit.