Outdoor pool review


In 2013 Council started a review of aquatic services. This has seen multiple review papers, plans and documents presented to Council for consideration. All highlight the significant financial input needed and recommending the decommissioning of a number of pools.

In 2016, after a three-year process of data collection and community engagement, Council established a position. This saw Council confirming a timeframe of three years to develop Place Based Plans for Colbinabbin, Lockington, Stanhope and Tongala communities. The report also recommended essential operational and maintenance works would continue at these pools. This position was reaffirmed in April 2019.

The 2018 Aquatic Facilities Review identified the seven outdoor pools and associated facilities require complete renovation to meet minimum industry standards. The reviews have all been driving by a number of challenges including: 

  • Age, condition and number of facilities, noting facilities range in age from 40 to 90 years.
  • Increasing operational costs for maintenance, power, water, chemicals, staff, cleaning, etc.
  • Changing population demographics and community expectations.

Current situation

In January 2022 Council agreed to a way forward, with actions and timeframes, as well as prioritising funds for any immediate works to ensure outdoor pools remain operational.

In summary the recommendations included:

  • Council will not consider the future of the Stanhope, Tongala, Colbinabbin, Lockington, Rochester, Rushworth and Kyabram outdoor pools until Township Facility Plans are completed for each of these townships.
  • Where Place Based Plans have not been developed, new plans are prepared concurrently with Township Facility Plans, to be completed by May 2023.
  • A Deliberative Engagement Plan be developed focusing on the consultation required with the community on the future of pools, to be presented to the April Council meeting.
  • Refers adequate funds to the 2022/23 Budget to support the development of Township Facility Plans and Place Based Plans.

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