Native vegetation removal

If you want to remove native vegetation, including trees, shrubs and grasses, you may need a permit from Council. Penalties apply for removing native vegetation without a permit. Make sure you know if a permit is needed before you start removing any native vegetation.

There are special controls in Victoria which ensure removing native vegetation doesn’t have a negative effect on biodiversity.

These controls aim to:

  • avoid removal of native vegetation which makes a significant contribution to biodiversity
  • minimise the impact on Victoria’s biodiversity
  • ensure an offset is provided ie planting native vegetation equal to that which was removed.

You may not need a planning permit if:

  • you are removing dead vegetation
  • doing certain building works while constructing a home
  • you need to remove the vegetation to build a boundary fence between two properties with different owners, or to maintain an existing fence (the maximum width of clearing permitted either side of the fence is 4 metres).
  • You are implementing fire protection measures
  • Removing vegetation on land less than 0.4 hectares in contiguous ownership.

We strongly recommend you contact the Planning Unit to clarify if a permit is required on 5481 2200 or 1300 666 535.

Biodiversity Assessment Report

If you need a planning permit to remove native vegetation, you must include a Biodiversity Assessment Report in your permit application.  Find out how to obtain this report by visiting the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action website.

Find out more about state-wide rules regarding the removal of vegetation by visiting the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action website website.