Septic tanks

Before you begin any new installation or alteration to an existing septic tank (onsite wastewater management) system, a permit is required.

The installation and alteration of the septic tank system must be performed by a licensed plumber. You can check plumber accreditation or licenses by contacting the Plumbing Industry Commission on 1800 015 129.

Our Environmental Health Officers will conduct a number of site inspections before, during and after the installation or alteration process. Once the works are completed to our satisfaction, a Certificate to Use will be issued.

If you are unsure whether the septic tank system on a property is compliant, you can apply for a System Compliance Report. Our Environmental Health Officers will then determine whether the system is compliant.

Further details are available on the Septic Tank / onsite wastewater management application(PDF, 706KB) form and the Application for renewal, transfer, amendment onsite wastewater management(PDF, 704KB) form.