Aged care services

Aged care services

Home care

Home care helps keep your home safe, clean and healthy and in so doing, supports you to remain living independently.

Council's HACC staff will help you with housework such as cleaning:

  • bathrooms            
  • living areas          
  • fridges
  • toilets    
  • bedrooms             
  • floors
  • kitchens
  • stoves   
  • washing and drying
  • laundries              
  • benchtops            
  • changing sheets

Other services provided through home care include:

  • meal preparation
  • small errands      
  • pay bills
  • shopping

Personal care

Our personal care service helps you do those daily tasks you’re unable to do for yourself due to frailty, injury or disability.

Some of the personal care services we provide include help with:

  • bathing or showering
  • toileting 
  • prescribed exercise and therapy programs
  • dressing and undressing                  
  • splints, callipers and hoists
  • shaving and hair care        
  • use of hearing aids and other devices           
  • other daily living tasks
  • eating and drinking

Respite care

The respite service gives carers a break from the daily responsibilities they face when caring for someone with a disability or frail older people. It also gives the person being cared for a break from their regular carer and the opportunity to enjoy an outing with someone else.

Respite services aim to:

  • help carers and the person being cared for
  • pair staff with the right skills with those using the service
  • link those using the service with other relevant services
  • offer enjoyable and appropriate activities for the person being cared for
  • give carers information about other support services offered locally.

Respite services can be provided in several ways including:

  • in your home, usually on a one to one basis
  • in the community, where you can enjoy activities you’re interested in with the support of a respite worker.

Property maintenance

Our property maintenance service helps keep home safe and secure, both inside and out, for community members who are frail aged or have a disability.

Council’s property maintenance staff will assess the repairs, maintenance or regular, cyclical work, which needs to be done and if it is necessary for the safety, security and / or wellbeing of the client.

An Occupational Therapist assessment may be required for some home modifications. Staff will assist you in accessing this service through referral.

Some one-off, major works can be undertaken, such as making a garden to low maintenance. If the HACC service can’t do the work, we will help you find the assistance you need elsewhere.

Cyclical works, such as mowing lawns, pruning overhanging branches, are done periodically to keep your home safe.

Minor works are usually one-off tasks needed to ensure the safety and security of your home. Examples of minor works include:

  • installing grab rails and / or ramps
  • installing smoke alarms
  • other minor repairs that don’t require a tradesperson.

Delivered meals

Delivered meals, or meals on wheels, offers nutritious meals to eligible people with disabilities or those who are frail aged. Find out more here, including whether you are eligible for this service.

People with disabilities and the frail aged can receive delivered meals if they or their carer can’t prepare nutritious meals due to an illness or disability.

Council's delivered meals service operates across the municipality, thanks to the many volunteers who deliver the meals. It offers a fresh hot meal Monday to Friday and frozen or cooked, chilled meals for weekends and evenings.

Special diets are catered for including:

  • diabetic
  • low fat / cholesterol
  • vegetarian
  • low salt
  • others as required.

Planned activity groups

Planned activity groups help keep you connected to your community if your disability or age make socialising difficult. Volunteer transport can also be provided to get you to medical appointments and other activities.

The aim of planned activity groups is to support people who are frail aged or have a disability to remain socially connected with their community. It’s a very important aspect of maintaining and enhancing the wellbeing of people with disabilities and their carers.

Campaspe’s planned activity groups will:

  • support you to participate in activities and interests you enjoy
  • give you important social contact
  • give carers some respite
  • give carers support and information
  • enhance and maintain daily living skills through structured programs.

Volunteer transport

Frail older people and people with disabilities who are unable to get to medical appointments using public transport or other transport options can access volunteer transport. Trained volunteer drivers can take you to your appointment using a council owned vehicle.

As there is no government funding for this service, it is dependent on driver and vehicle availability. It is available only to eligible clients and a fee is charged.